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Bus ‘n Bikers History

It was never started, it just kind of happened. In the summer of 1992, there were three motor homes that ended up in Sturgis, SD together. It was so much fun, we decided to invite some of our friends to our ranch in Colorado the following summer before going up to Sturgis. As we discussed the trip with other bus friends, there was a lot of curiosity, but also a lot of hesitation to travel to Sturgis on their own, but as a group, it sounded like fun.
Again, a small group of bus acquaintances, met in Milwaukee, WI for the 90th Harley Davidson Birthday party. Talk was started about getting together more frequently. In 1993, with a lot of enthusiasm and help from our new friends, we put on our first unofficial rally. It started with three days at the Calvin ranch in Colorado, and then we caravanned to Sturgis.
It seemed that once a year was not enough and that maybe the formation of an official club was a great idea. Hence, Bus ‘N Bikers was formed. The common bond of the group seemed to be the love of RVing and the freedom of motorcycling.
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